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Every summer my parents sent me to live with an elderly aunt for a few weeks. As he grew older, it was very boring. To burn the energy that used to go to the woods n premises in a large public park One day he called short and saw a sign, a public restroom. Was hidden hidden behind some trees and was very quiet. When I had three men at the urinals, so I went into the cabin. When I pee, I noticed a lot of stories on the wall and at no time my cock was rock hard as I first read it, suck and fuck and swallow semen. I pulled my shorts and went to three of the men saw me and point everyone to see their hard cocks. When I went to one of them told me he would like to fuck me. I ran and ran like crazy, and when I got home, went to the bathroom and there was a wild xxxtube stretch. I could not get the feelings of sexuality head high, like a moth, a light planned my next visit. I wanted to readthese stories and perhaps some people are hard to get to me, but did not know how. with butterflies in my stomach went into the bathroom, it was late, only darker and very warm. There were several men were already there, most middle-aged or seemed to be my 18 year old thinking. I waited in the front of the cabin occupied by two other xxxtube men. After some time had in my area and I noticed that the men went to the urinals moving their hands before and were looking around often. I suddenly realized that the straw and then I realized that the man next to me had his hand on my back and was pressing gently. I froze, not knowing what to do, but was open by a piece of cabinet doors and man saved. The men outside said I should go first and I closed the door. I took off my top and dropped my pants and began to stories that my penis was hard and full of cum I was reading. Something brushed my leg and I turned around to find a long tail is pressed through a hole in the wall and had to jerk up and down. My hand was a ghost of himself, and next thing I knew I did my first cock hard and I remember how it felt strong and silky. I put my own tail parallel to the length and comparison. His was about the same length but thicker. I moved my hand up and down, and heard her moan. I thought it was funny and took his penis with both hands and stroked it xxxtube gently. He was then a long and pulled his cock and started suddenly spurt of cum, moaning around the belly and tail with a few in my hands. I thought it was fantastic and loved the warmth in my body. It was fast, but he thanked me with a voice that was sure that other men have heard. Another man came in and I noticed her clothes as one of the men 's urinals. Without thinking, my hand grabbed my own cock and cum splattered discovered the joy of rubbing fresh cum on my dick. A hand came through and started to caress my legs, then stomach and then began the rest of the cream to rub on my balls. This almost made me stop, and he retired. He took it as a second xxxtube invitation and my cock was pushed through the hole. This was much smaller, but perfectly formed and slippery as my hand slipped through the gap I loved the feeling that I masturbated xxxtube spasm. This time was better prepared and have indicated to moan as he knelt before him and held him to masturbate. The first wave was all over my shoulder and the next day I grabbed my chest and tail beautiful next to my xxxtube skin when I milked the rest of my chest. I loved this way, and when he left and the man was not to let me touch, but he waved his xxxtube penis through. Masturbate furiously rubs cock and then pushed through the hole and a few, I had placed my third post in my penis and testicles. was so peaceful from the outside, they were all gone. I looked at my body and was able to see the cum dripping on my chest and thighs and faithlt so sexy. I knew I had to end soon and started masturbating me, when a voice said, 'Please, let's take a look at your ' and open the door. I opened the door slightly and saw three men were all out of straw. was the man who had the sensation of my ass. 'The door is closed,' he said, 'Nobody bothers us ', opened the door and went because I knew I was young cock, strong and great body that had these men I want. I told xxxtube them I had never done before and xxxtube the last three roosters were my first experiences with unloading on me. The three men were naked and she moved towards me. there were two men have an incredible feeling sucking nipples, hands all over my ass and cock lips kissing everywhere. my body was shaking, and I was very aware of all men 's semen licked me and seemed to like it. I told them I could not last and a man kneeling in front of me and my dick in her mouth. 10 seconds later, I spit my cum in your mouth moist and hot, and shaking like a jellyand was so intense. When I returned to the man who had sucked me, came and kissed me on xxxtube the tongue combined, dribbled my own cum in my mouth and I loved the taste and feel of it. I wanted more and knelt down and took my first cock in my mouth. He took a deep breath and gently took my face. I wanted to do right and stopped to ask if she was okay. one of the other man grabbed my head and pushed his cock in my mouth. I felt a spasm and knew he was about to end. I opened my lips to his shaft and lay their eggs. He groaned and sprayed in my mouth. I could feel it hitting your tongue and let your penis grow small before launch. Another tail was immediately pumped cum in me mouth. instinct is to wait for me, and not as xxxtube the man who had the feeling that my ass was swallowing that participant observation. I turned to him and let the cum dribble out of my mouth and slide my cock chest. Her reaction was pure joy moaned and grabbed myto kiss him and frantically rubbed my body dripping cum on her ass grabbed and rubbed his cock in his semen. I pulled away and looked into his eyes, took his cock in my mouth after he had xxxtube left a little semen in my mouth. When you want from me I took his cock and crashed without losing eye xxxtube contact, put his cock in my face like a stream of hand across the face and neck. I was amazed at how much he loved other men cum, but it was the beginning of a sexual adventure and tea three men who taught me a lot over the coming days.
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